Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia Conference

SEGRA was established in 1997. Its vision is to promote regions and regional issues and to help empower people in regions to define and control their own futures through collaborative, multi-layered and interconnected responses to issues, challenges and opportunities within the places in which we live.

The SEGRA National Steering Committee is hosting its 20th national conference - Nationally Stronger Regions: realising the potential.

SEGRA 2016 is being held in Albany and the Great Southern region of WA, a region with access to rich agricultural assets and a diverse, pristine natural heritage. The focus this year will be on the factors that enable regions to transform their natural assets and drive growth whilst maintaining and retaining the local values of environment and lifestyle.

Action agendas include:

  • Regional policy – Speaking up for Regional Australia
  • Regional leadership - getting things done
  • Diversity, specialisation and creativity – building resilience
  • Sustainability of land, water and community – a sense of place
  • Regional hubs and nodes – improving connectivity
  • Regions as providers of education, health and lifestyle services
  • Attracting investment to regions – finding funding partners
  • Sustainable industries – the regional advantage
  • Maximising Free Trade Agreements – ensuring your region is export ready
  • Aviation, regional economies and trade
  • Innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in regional Australia

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