Women in Business Wagga Wagga is a not for profit organisation supporting business women in the Wagga Wagga region.

Formed in 2004 when a need for a women’s business and networking group was identified, we support women in business via networking events, a mentoring program and promoting educational opportunities to enhance the business skills and career prospects of our members.

Providing advocacy for women in business, we encourage our members to serve on boards of corporate, not for profit and government organisations, and foster the confidence to establish and grow successful businesses.

By providing a supportive and encouraging environment, our members form positive and powerful business and personal connections and have their achievements recognised.

Whether you run your own business, are part of a small firm, are employed by a large corporation, or belong to a professional organisation, we encourage you come along to a networking event and see for yourself.

2018/19 Committee

Vision for women in the Riverina

Women in this region recognise that Women in Business can support their business and career aspirations through inspiring speakers, access to relevant business and educational information, stimulating networking events and worthwhile mentoring and case study programs. 

Aims and Objectives of Women in Business Wagga

1.Provide members educational opportunities, including mentoring, to enhance their personal development, business skills and career prospects.

We do this by providing women throughout the Riverina region with networking opportunities to form business and personal relationships, hosting events with inspiring speakers (ensuring diverse group of speakers and different formats that are accessible to all members) and our mentoring program for women in business.

2. Driving membership to 250 members and ensure we are focused on the voice of our members

We do this by ensuring we make membership advantages clear and understood, maintaining a ‘members-only’ Facebook group, maintaining and online member directory, keeping our event pricing accessible and value for money, making the member renewal process easy to navigate, surveying our members and the broader business community to test ideas and measure advocacy, ensuring we are responsive to survey results and provide feedback, and driving membership through key times of the year.

3. Ensure WWiB is financially viable to ensure we continue to support members and needs of community

We do this by entering into arrangements with government and/or commercial organisations to obtain funding to achieve the goals of Women in Business.

4. Increase presence of our members /women on boards. (2019/2020)

We do this by encouraging and inspiring women to serve on boards and committees of corporate, not for profit and government organisations.

5. Advocate for women around issues such as equal pay, female representation on boards, regional area opportunity and part time career opportunities for women returning from maternity leave etc.

We do this by lobbying for the needs of our members and their communities with local, staff and federal government, looking to extend employment opportunities for women in the Riverina to capitalise on commuting, remote working opportunities and other employment arrangements which extend the employment opportunities for women living in regional and remote areas; and looking to extend the WWiB footprint by supporting and establishing networks in smaller communities.

6. Offer, promote and encourage a diverse environment for women

We do this by showcasing our members’ achievements on a local and national level.

2018/19 Results

This year, Women in Business has continued to stimulate, inspire and encourage women in our region to achieve their best in their careers and their businesses. We have had encouraging feedback from a various sources indicating that people feel very positive about the range of activities and initiatives this year.

During the past 12 months, Women in Business Wagga have:

  • Implemented the fifth year of the Mentoring Program with ten Mentees participating.

  • Hosted nine member events with a focus on providing networking and education.

  • Refreshed the Strategic Plan to ensure that it remains consistent with the Women in Business objectives and vision.

  • Increased the Executive Committee from seven to nine members.

  • Undertaken substantial planning and coordination for the Gala Dinner event with Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb to be held on 20 September 2019.

  • Held four Hear Them Roar events and successfully completed series two.

  • Set up Women in Business Facebook members closed group with 99 members to date.