Renee Pascall (Executive Committee Member)

Renee Pascall - Practice Manager, Caton Medical & Complete Skin

  1. What is your work / passion / side-hustle:

I am currently the practice manager of Complete Skin and Caton Medical for Dr Tim Caton and part-time beauty therapy trainer at the Riverina Community College.

Our mission at Complete Skin is to help people look and feel their best by treating a wide range of skin concerns.

Caton Medical specialises in skin cancer checks, skin cancer treatment and management as well as aesthetic medicine.

I am passionate about the skin care industry as there is always so much change, growth and development. I started in the industry 16 years ago as a beauty therapist where the focus was nails and waxing, now I’m managing a clinic that offers laser and skin treatments that can help improve scarring, acne, rosacea and other conditions that can cause people to be self conscious about the way they look. I love the feeling I get when our patients start to love their skin and I can see big changes in their skin as well as their confidence. 

2. Beyond the 9 to 5 – what do you live for:

Beyond 9-5 I live for family, friends, renovating and dancing.

I recently purchased my first house and it has been a mad year of renovating. I am very thankful to have fabulous multi-skilled tradies in my family and friends that have all helped to make my first house a beautiful home. Due to the business of this year my passion of ballroom dancing has taken a back seat but I am hopeful I will pick up where I left off in the new year.

3. How did you land in Wagga - Are you Wagga born and bred, grew up here moved away and returned, moved here later in life and stayed because you love it, or something else that landed you here?

I was born and bred in Wagga Wagga where I completed all of my schooling and my diploma in beauty therapy. I moved from Wagga to Merimbula at the age of 22 because I felt I needed a sea change… literally.

I had an amazing five years living in Merimbula, gaining more skills as a beauty therapist. While living in Merimbula I was asked if I would like to help set up and run a small spa in Perisher during the winter months. This gave me my first taste of management and I loved it. I had the best of both worlds, Merimbula for summer and working in Perisher for the winter. After four seasons I was ready for the next adventure. I moved to Sydney where I got a job as an academy coordinator of a beauty school. I gained further skills and experience from my time inSydney.

After two years I decided I missed my family and made the move back to Wagga. I was astonished at how much Wagga had grown over the seven years I was away. I am proud of the town I grew up in and the direction it is moving.

4. Woman (famous or not) you are most inspired by and why:

The woman that most inspires me is not yet famous but I’m sure she will be soon. She is my best friend Pamela Whaley - NRL editor for Fox Sports Digital. I met Pam when we were in year 7, we had met previously through our love of ballroom dancing. Things have not come easy to Pam, she has worked her guts out for everything she has achieved. Pam moved out of home at 16, worked part time to support herself while finishing school. She then went on to university to study sports journalism, something that had been a passion of hers for many years. Her first job was at the Daily Advertiser as a sports writer. It hasn’t been easy for Pam working in a male-dominated field.

The way she deals with the comments of readers, the harshness of coaches and managers is always something I will admire her for. She may get a negative or sexist remark here and there but she always stands up for herself with such strength and grace. Pam and I moved to Sydney together after she was successful in her application to write for Big League Magazine. It had always been a dream of hers to write for such a prestigious NRL mag. Pam’s writing is so captivating even I found a love for rugby league through reading the passion in her words.

Pam was acting editor at Big League for a season where she excelled and gained valuable editorial and management experience. Pam was then approached by Fox Sports to manage their NRL online department, which she continues to this day. I am so proud of my best friend and the strong, independent woman she has become. She is an inspiration to all young women, proving that if they have a dream, they too can achieve it through hard work and dedication. There are no boundaries where you have passion.

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