Sommer Deaves (Executive Committee Member)

Sommer Deaves - Owner and trainer, LPL studio – Lash Studio, Education Academy & Mentoring

  1. What is your work / passion / side-hustle?

I am the Owner of LPL studio, LPL Lash Academy and Sangria with Sommer! I know right I like to take one at least 1 million things at a time!

LPL studio is Wagga’s first Eyelash Extension Specialists we love all thing lashes, I train all of my staff ensuring they provide nothing but premium quality and safely applied eyelash extensions.
I had such a passion in the lash industry, I noticed there was a gap in the market with training that wasn't just a 3 hour course and voila you were deemed qualified so I designed my very own Lash Workshops to teach people how to run a successful lash business using appropriate branding and social media and to apply eyelash extensions correctly and safely building up the industry to have higher standards.

I have now trained over 200 talented women all over Australia and NewZealand also travelling to speak about it at conferences Australia wide. I also teach the Lash segment in the cert 3 in makeup and beauty at the local Riverina Community College.

I started getting enquiries from lots of other industries about how to build a brand and use social media, so I decided to create ‘Sangria with Sommer’ to now teach people how to this.

I absolutely love helping and mentoring people create amazing brand for their businesses it makes me so happy watching their business journey.

2. Beyond the 9 to 5 – what do you live for?

I am a mum to 4 crazy children, 3 boys and a little girl when I am not up to something businessy I am making memories and spending time with my family. 

3. How did you land in Wagga - Are you Wagga born and bred, grew up here moved away and returned, moved here later in life and stayed because you love it, or something else that landed you here?

I moved here 3 years ago from Canberra where I owned a salon previously, I sold my salon and moved to Wagga to be closer to family and to be able to purchase a house, there was no way a sole trader and mum of 3 was going to be able to afford one in Canberra.

When I moved to Wagga I actually began my lash adventure working out of a caravan in my front yard (fully decked out on the inside) and 12 months later I was so busy I had to open a commercial studio.

4. Woman (famous or not) you are most inspired by and why?

OK, well this may surprise some of you but someone I really admire is Cardi B.

It's a little strange I am so down to earth and I love my crystals and salt lamps bit of a hippy on the inside but I love her because she is raw.

She came from having nothing and didn't give up worked her booty off and never took No as an answer and now she has created an empire.

I actually grew up in a caravan park for some of my life as a child and looking at where I came from and where I am now I am doing the same thing but building a Lash Empire.

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