Jennifer Galloway (Executive Committee Member)

Jennifer Galloway - Head of Strategic Development, Division of Marketing & Communication, Charles Sturt University

  1. What is your work/passion/ side-hustle?

I feel blessed to say that my work and passion (and occasionally side hustle) culminate in my role at Charles Sturt University, where I head up the Brand and Performance Marketing team.  Also known as the A-Team (self-named).  A group of passionate and talented, digital and design specialists responsible for creating and delivering data and journey-driven brand and tactical programs that supports university strategic and business goals.

And why am I blessed?  Not only do I have a super bunch of guns in my team but I get to go to work every day doing what I love, doing something that matters, and in a profession that is getting more creative and more technical every day.  I love that no two days are ever the same and that while the big picture is driving the direction, as a modern marketer you can impact that, and even change it, in real time. 

I need to be affecting change and see value in my work to love to survive, and in my current role, I get to develop and drive innovative strategic marketing initiatives that deliver better experiences for our customers, in my case, prospective students.

I have been at the uni for nine years and had five different roles over that time.  I have learnt so much about the regions, about the needs of our communities and have become passionate about the opportunities education provides and how it can change family trees.

Before my role at Charles Sturt, I lived in Sydney and worked across several FMCG and luxury brands in senior marketing and comms roles.  

2. Beyond the 9 to 5 – what do you live for

As a working mum, beyond 9 to 5 I live for ‘me’ time, my family and my friends.  I have three gorgeous children, an equally gorgeous husband and a recent addition to our family of a German shepherd pup.  They all keep me very grounded and remind me that ‘balance’ means we go to bed every day feeling we did our best!   

At this time of the year, we love going out to our farm on the weekend - the boys get on their motorbikes, the dog in the dam and the rest of us just soak up the calmness.

I keep myself busy by keeping my mind and body fit. I love getting outside and just taking the time to relish in what surrounds me, pop on a podcast and off I’ll go.  I keep my mind fit through my connections in the community and supporting as many local initiatives as I can. One of the reasons I joined the WWiB Executive was to immerse myself further into this dynamic community we live in.

I also get back home to Sydney every other month.  My family are there, and when we bring the country cousins home, there is always lots of love and laughter.  And a girl has got to have her Pho fix and Yum Cha!

3. How did you land in Wagga - Are you Wagga born and bred, grew up here moved away and returned, moved here later in life and stayed because you love it, or something else that landed you here?

I moved here for love….. 

I moved to Wagga 10 years ago with my husband and then only child, Jonte.  We were coming back for a year as I had taken a year’s maternity leave from the Sydney PR agency I was managing.  After a year of living on my in-law's farm, I hung up my stilettos for farm boots and have never looked back.

And why would you, Wagga is such a fantastic place to bring up a family.  I’ve got a fantastic job that I love.  We’ve managed to buy a home and a farm and still have money left for avocado on toast and holidays!! That would have never happened in Sydney.   Everything is 5-10mins away so you are not spending hours in the car commuting and you have everything you need here.

I also love that the community is so supportive and that there are so many women doing awesome, amazing and enviable things.

4. Woman (famous or not) you are most inspired by and why?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one as I if I am honest I am inspired daily by different women.

My mum, probably more than anyone has been my biggest inspiration though.  She left Ireland in the ’70s with my dad and two very young children and came to Australia not knowing anyone and set up her life here.  She couldn’t just ring home when she was feeling lonely or unsure of her decision as we didn’t have a phone for ages, a luxury back then as it was really expensive to call overseas, so she just had to get on with it.   That’s so courageous and all for the sake of her kids having a better “warmer” life J  I am not sure I could do that with my family now. 

I am also inspired by my family, my close group of girlfriends, my team at work and my community, there are so many amazing people doing incredible, selfless things to make the world around them a better place.  And yes, I have my list of fabulously famous people that I take inspiration from as well.  Too many to list.

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