Emma Grant (Treasurer)

Emma Grant - Senior Accountant, Selby Watson & Co

  1. What is your work / passion / side-hustle?

My real job is working as an accountant....which I love!!!!  I would also put this in my passion pile.  I love helping, talking, problem solving, so we're a good fit. I am involved with numerous local charities, such as CanAssist, Taster Property, Cec & Kathleen Toy Memorial Trust, and I sit on the board for the Estella Progress Association.  LMBDW Wagga & Riverina is my little non-paying side hustle, which I adore!  I have plans for my own side hustle too, but I might wait until life calms down a little!

2. Beyond the 9 to 5 – what do you live for?

Beyond the 9 to 5, I live for family and friends.  I live for recharging my batteries.  I live to make everyday count!

3. How did you land in Wagga - Are you Wagga born and bred, grew up here moved away and returned, moved here later in life and stayed because you love it, or something else that landed you here?

I am not Wagga born.  I was born in Sydney, and my family moved to Wagga just before I started High School at Mt Erin.  I moved away for about 20 years, and then my daughters and I moved back to Wagga in 2015.  Since then, I have reconnected with my high school sweetheart, and we have made a beautiful life here, together with our Brady Bunch.

4. Woman (famous or not) you are most inspired by and why?

This is a question I cannot answer easily.  I have not been inspired by just one woman, but by many along the course of my life.  And none of them have been famous! They include my mum (who has shown incredible strength in her life), my yoga teacher (who has taught me another way to view the world, and self-care), women I am no longer friends with (for teaching me the values I need in a friend), my daughters (for being unapologetically authentic), my high school music teacher (for showing me that I can live outside of my own boundaries), and myself, for the way I have grown after hardships, and to not only live, but to thrive and to have fun!!! 

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