2018 Mentor Profile: Elissa Bent

Elissa Bent.jpg


Co-Owner, Langfields Transport

My lovely husband (Steve) and I have been growing Langfields Transport here in Wagga Wagga for over a decade. Our fleet now service ACT, VIC and NSW daily, monday to Friday.

Our service consists of providing logistics and warehousing, delivering and storing freight, connecting business to business & towns to towns. Essentially, our main goal is to help our customers grow their business by having their freight and warehousing needs met hassle-free. 

Now here’s what I do… Like all business owners, I do a bit of everything- Oh! I draw the line at driving a truck. Although I would do deliveries if they were still done with a horse and cart… I do HR, project management, strive to liven up our business’ culture, and I liaise with the teams of people whose skills we contract in to help us make good choices. I support Steve and the staff who really are the heart of the business who make sure every day we do our best to provide hassle-free deliveries and warehousing. I problem solve, come up with ideas (some good, some ridiculous), I learn and I ask “why”, then replace it with “what if”.

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