Member Profile - Kym Hampton

Kym Hampton, Executive Manager for Regional and Agribusiness for the Commonwealth Bank

Are you a local?  
That depends on what the definition of local is in Wagga!  We relocated as a family of 4 from Adelaide nearly 2 years ago and the Wagga community has certainly embraced us as locals. We feel blessed to have more time together as a family and to explore the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Where do you work and what is your role there? 
I am the Executive Manager for Regional and Agribusiness for the Commonwealth Bank across the Riverina.  Basically I am a people leader and a relationship builder.  I am responsible for leading teams of dedicated sales and service finance professionals.  We service thousands of customers spanning across a large area representing the strong and diverse local commercial and agricultural economy - partnering with them allows our city to continue to grow and flourish with prosperity.

What is your dream business/ career? 
I’d love to be the CEO of Business Chicks. My good friend Olivia Ruello now has that role and she’s amazing.  Anything to do with people really, as long as I’m around great people that want to make a difference, I’m happy.  

What was the best thing that has happened in your working life? 
I feel privileged to lead and coach others and I’ve had the great opportunity to work in many varied roles and locations across Australia.   I participated in an Immersion Leadership program travelling to remote India with The Hunger Project and CBA – it still helps shape my thinking today. 

What aspects of your role do you find most challenging? 
Like most  - getting the balance right - juggling work, home and self.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, stick to your strategy and keep the faith in your truth.

Do you have a mantra you live by? 
Yep “Who matters? Everyone matters!”

If you could choose one song to motivate you at work, what would it be? 
Just one is hard - I’d have to say ‘Power to the People’ John Lennon but some days it’s 'Let it Go' by Disney’s Frozen.

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