2016 Mentee Profile: Yana Constable


How long have you been a member of Women in Business? 

I joined WiB in December 2015.

What made you decide to apply to the WIB Mentor Program? 

I attended the Christmas function last year and found out about the mentoring program. I thought it would be a “money can’t buy” opportunity to have access to amazing women who could help me to grow and reach my goals. I had also heard that Peita Vincent’s experience in the mentoring program with Judy Galloway last year was great.

How would you best describe the one-on-one sessions with your mentor? 

It is hard to describe how beneficial the one on one sessions have been. I have gotten so much out of the mentoring sessions. My mentor (Kym Hampton, Executive Manager, Commonwealth Bank Australia) and I have formed a relationship where I feel comfortable to speak openly and honestly about my goals and how I can work towards achieving them. It is fantastic to have someone there who is able to direct my focus and hold me accountable. Our mentoring sessions have ranged from formal discussions in a board room to grabbing lunch at a local café.

What's your favourite part of the Mentoring Program? 

My favourite part would be having a mentor who is genuinely interested in working with me to help me achieve my goals.

How does being a part of Women in Business resonate with you? 

I feel as though I am part of a community. It is a very supportive group of wonderful women who enjoy getting together to grow and help each other succeed…as well as drink wine!

Would you recommend Women in Business Wagga to others? 

I would absolutely recommend WiB to others. The functions and events that are organised are a great opportunity to network and meet new people and you are also eligible to apply for the mentoring program if you are a member.

What motivates you? 

The desire to achieve my personal goals motivates me. The desire to help my clients achieve their financial goals also motivates me. 

What's the biggest issue facing regional areas?  

I think one of the biggest issues facing regional areas is the stigma that is attached to not living in a capital city. We need to continue to promote regional areas like Wagga and the fact that you can achieve all sorts of amazing things without being stuck in the city. With technology improving all the time, there is nothing stopping people in Wagga from doing everything that people who live in the city can do.  We may not want to spread this news too far, though, as I think everyone in the city would want to live in Wagga if they knew how good it was!

Tell us one thing people don't know about your business: 

Since its inception, WDF Professional of Wagga Wagga has been providing accounting & taxation services and business advice to ensure we our meeting our client's needs in today's rapidly changing business environment.!

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