Alex Robinson


Name: Alex Robinson
Position/Title: Founder
Business/Employer: Revival Nutrition
Business Area: Healthcare And Social Services
Phone: 0434 994 573

Alex Robinson, founder of Revival Nutrition, holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine from the Australian College of Natural Therapies.  Alex created her business to educate and empower clients to learn the value of adopting the principles and practices of a holistic lifestyle.  This means addressing the 3 Pillars of Health... Our head - Our heart - Our body, which sets up a life of vitality now and into later years.  These principles are all underpinned by a robust nutritional foundation which focusses on using nourishing, simple, real foods.

Our unique genetic blueprint means a "one size fits all" approach to wellness does not work.  Alex can assist clients to navigate their own health journey to find a tailored nutritional solution just right for them.

Revival Nutrition is available for one on one consultations, customised small private or corporate workshops, wellness retreats and loves collaborating with other wellness practitioners to deliver fun, exciting and life changing events!