Marlo Olsen

Name: Marlo Olsen
Position/Title: Managing Director/Copywriter/Marketer
Business/Employer: Honeycomb Ink
Business Area: Marketing
Phone: 0408362388

Marlo has worked as a journalist, marketer, and is currently running Honeycomb Ink, alongside working on her first book for publication; the memoir of a high-functioning young woman battling an eating disorder, and the impact the debilitating mental illness has on her life.

Marlo hopes to follow the release of her book with advocacy and public speaking surrounding the importance of addressing body image issues and mental illness young men and women.

Her business, Honeycomb Ink is a boutique copywriting and digital marketing agency based in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Marlo runs the business as a one-woman-show, while working closely with other creative practitioners to deliver a holistic marketing approach.

Honeycomb Ink was born out of the desire to offer high-quality, engaging and effective online marketing tools to businesses at all stages of their journey; from startups to well-established entities.