Jill Tucker


Name: Jill Tucker
Position/Title: Owner/Manager
Business/Employer: Erilan Mastectomy Collection
Business Area: Entrepreneur/Small Business
Email: info@erilan.com.au
Phone: 02 6925 6757
Website: www.erilan.com.a

Hello!  After undergoing surgery and treatment for breast cancer I established Erilan Mastectomy Collection to meet the needs of women who have undergone a similar experience.  

In my homestore I offer women a range of lingerie, breast prostheses, swimwear, headwear and clothing. 

As a trained bra and prosthetic fitter I am able to offer women a professional fitting service, product recommendations and general advice after they have had breast surgery. 

The appointments are one-on-one in the privacy of my homestore so women have peace of mind knowing that their visit will be with someone who has been on a similar journey.

I also manage a speech and drama school where I teach communication skills, public speaking and drama. Classes are held for pre-schoolers through to adults who wish to gain professional qualifications.